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The impact of facilitated empathy on customer satisfaction and employee performance

  According to Webster, Empathy is “the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotion”. This post outlines several case studies demonstrating how facilitated empathy, or helping employees and customers understand each other’s experiences, can improve customer … Continue reading

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Can a simple thank you note to satisfied customers boost patronage by 50%?

I found this study of Leveraging Customer Feedback to Increase Loyalty very insightful.  Please note particularly: In a large field experiment with highly satisfied customers of a Fortune 500 firm in the hospitality industry, the researchers track both customer attitudes … Continue reading

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Can proactive customer retention efforts backfire?

I found this note on “When It Comes To Retaining Your Customers, Sometimes It’s Best To Leave Them Alone” very thought-provoking.  Please note particularly: The research involved 65,000 customers of a South American wireless communications firm. Some of the participants were … Continue reading

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Finding the right job for your product

In his Sloan Management Review article on Finding the Right Job For Your Product, Clay Christensen defined the Customer Jobs-To-Be-Done concept: “When customers find that they need to get a job done, they “hire” products or services to do the job. … Continue reading

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Co-designing your customers’ experience with customers

I am following the Barclaycard Ring credit card concept very closely since inception.  It is a very good example of how a company is co-creating a product with a community of customers: “Barclaycard Ring is a credit card that’s driven … Continue reading

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What is the best way to prevent customer failures?

I still find this 2006 Sloan Management Review article on How to Prevent Your Customers From Failing very timely.  Please note particularly: “Research indicates that about one-third of all service problems are caused by the customer.  As companies increasingly shift work to … Continue reading

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Placing your products in your customers’ natural habitat

I found this Lowe’s Holoroom concept by the Lowe’s Innovation Labs very intriguing.  Please note particularly: “We know that for many homeowners, the struggle to visualize a completed home improvement project or to share that vision with others can stop … Continue reading

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Should companies focus on customer acquisition or customer retention?

The choice between customer acquisition and retention is a false choice.  I recommend instead employing a diversified and balance customer lifecycle management approach with customer acquisition, onboarding, development and retention elements. Customer Acquisition, Development and Retention are very connected and have … Continue reading

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Does customer behavior speak louder than words?

I found this note on “Don’t listen to what your customers say, watch how they behave” by Rita Gunther McGrath very thought-provoking. Please note particularly: “I am often asked by companies with whom I work whether focus groups, surveys or … Continue reading

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Are customers loyal to your brand or to your points?

I found the following observation by Niraj Dawar very instructive.  Please note particularly: “From a brand manager’s perspective, the question is what is a consumer loyal to — are they loyal to the brand that you’re selling or are they loyal … Continue reading

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