About Arie Goldshlager

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Arie Goldshlager is a Customer Strategy, Customer Lifecycle Management, Customer Insight, and Innovation Consultant

Arie’s Customer Lifecycle Management work is focused on Improving the Performance of: Customer Acquisition, Customer Onboarding, Customer Development, Customer Loyalty, and Customer Winback Processes.

His Customer Insight work is focused on Developing Innovative Segmentation, Targeting, Analysis, and Measurement Solutions.

Arie’s key consulting clients included: Prodigy, Safeway, FedEx, USAA, Capital One, BT Wireless (O2), Sumsung Card, LG Capital, and many more.

Arie’s industry specialties include: Financial Services, Credit Card, Consumer Lending, Retail, Internet, Telecommunications, and other services companies.

His diversified experience includes significant client-side, consulting-side, and agency-side tenures.

2 Responses to About Arie Goldshlager

  1. Stephan Chase says:

    Hi, Arie,

    You have an eye for interesting and significant articles. I’ve followed your blog. We’ll see how it goes. If I should unfollow it, the reason won’t be I don’t find it valuable. It’ll merely be a reflection that I prefer to read the blog at my leisure, rather than receive emails for each new post.
    Kind regards,

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