Co-designing your customers’ experience with customers

I am following the Barclaycard Ring credit card concept very closely since inception.  It is a very good example of how a company is co-creating a product with a community of customers:

Barclaycard Ring is a credit card that’s driven by its community of card members. The community is a forum where you can exchange ideas, share knowledge and make Barclaycard Ring whatever you want it to be. It’s also a place where we can hear you out and better understand what you need from us. After all, if it’s your card, why should we have all the say in how it works. It’s time to put you, the customer, back in the driver’s seat.”

Barclaycard Ring is particularly collaborating with its customers on designing their customer experience:

“The second vote asked whether or not we should keep the servicing calls in the United States. Here are the blog and community comments from last year’s discussion. The comments overwhelmingly favored the idea of keeping the calls stateside, despite the fact that moving calls offshore would lower operating costs by roughly $4 per active account, per year.

The results are in and 84.4%, an overwhelming majority of voting community members, stated they’d like to keep Barclaycard Ring calls routed to the U.S. based call center. We hear you loud and clear on this one!”

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Customer Insight, Customer Strategy, and Innovation Consultant
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