The BBVA Innovation Center

Frank Piller directed my attention to this fascinating Case Study of Open Innovation at BBVA.  Please note particularly:

“We work with our own employees, as well as clients, universities and business schools, and third party developers,” he says. “This collaboration helps us to understand first-hand what is changing, what our customers expect from us and how to respond to their needs.”

The approach can be seen in action through last year’s Innova Big Data Challenge which attracted developer talent from across the world to compete for EUR90,000 in prize money by using BBVA transaction data to create new services, applications and insight into consumer demands.

“The result was amazing,” says Gallego. “The Challenge generated 144 high quality apps from 19 different countries, showing us new ways of working we hadn´t thought of before. In fact, some of the winners of Innova Challenge have been hired by the BBVA Big Data team because of the skills and merits displayed during the contest.”

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