Can companies succeed by being the UnIncumbent in their markets?

The T-Mobile UnCarrier strategy is producing remarkable results.  Please note particularly:

“The Seattle wireless carrier on Thursday announced that it signed up 1.3 million postpaid customers in the first quarter. That’s more new customers than AT&T, Sprint and Verizon combined to attract during the same period.”

“T-Mobile has stopped requiring customers to sign service contracts, launched free wireless plans for tablet owners and rolled out a program that allows customers to upgrade their devices every few months rather than the industry norm of every two years. T-Mobile’s rivals have mimicked many of these strategies.”

“A year ago I promised that we would bring change to what I called this arrogant U.S. wireless industry,” Legere said in a statement. “We are delivering on that promise and our results reflect the growing customer revolution that we’ve ignited.”

“However, T-Mobile was not able to turn a profit. The carrier said it suffered a loss of $151 million in the three-month period ended March 31, compared with a $107-million profit for the same period a year ago.”

Can companies succeed by being the UnIncumbent in their markets?

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