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Does exceeding a customer promise pay off?

I found this research on the pay off of exceeding a customer promise very insightful.  Please note particularly: “The bottom line, Epley says, is that exceeding a promise may not be worth the effort you put in. “Invest efforts into keeping … Continue reading

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Is the naked product the solution?

I found this note by Marion Debruyne on disintegrated solutions very thought provoking.  Please note particularly: “Many companies try to differentiate their offer by always adding on new features and functionality. And when they can’t differentiate with their products anymore, … Continue reading

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There’s no better inventor than a frustrated consumer

I found this NYT story on Yellowberry very inspiring.  Please note particularly: “Ms. Grassell, now 18, is not merely interested in joining the ranks of teenage entrepreneurs. She is bent on changing the bra industry and starting a social movement … Continue reading

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Can companies succeed by being the UnIncumbent in their markets?

The T-Mobile UnCarrier strategy is producing remarkable results.  Please note particularly: “The Seattle wireless carrier on Thursday announced that it signed up 1.3 million postpaid customers in the first quarter. That’s more new customers than AT&T, Sprint and Verizon combined … Continue reading

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Are customers using your product in more ways than you could possibly imagine?

I found this story about The Evolution of Sharpie very instructive please note particularly: “Customers have also driven Sharpie’s latest shift — into the realm of self-expression. “We [asked customers] to ‘show us what you started with Sharpie’” via social … Continue reading

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