Hyatt transforms nine hotels into innovation labs


I found this Hyatt Lab concept very inspiring.  Hyatt has converted nine of its hotels, including the Grand Hyatt San Francisco Hotel, into proof-of-concept laboratories:

About a year ago, Hyatt Hotels started using nine of its hotels around the world as lab hotels, experimenting with new concepts and prototypes. Now Hyatt is encouraging local managers around the world to examine their customer feedback and test new ideas.

This has been a paradigm shift, Mr. Semenchuk said. “A year ago we didn’t talk about failure,” he said, but now, “we tell them fail fast, fail cheap and learn from it. Take a week, illustrate a concept, and try it.” Managers, he said, should share what they have learned and move on.”

“New ideas can change significantly from drawing board to final offering. Last year, for example, Hyatt tried expanding its replacement and loaner services for guests who needed items like chargers or toiletries, by creating a test kiosk in a hotel lobby to supply guests with forgotten items. They soon found that guests were stocking up on supplies, rather than taking just what they needed for an overnight stay, and some of the female guests told workers they were embarrassed to take personal hygiene items in a public setting. The hotel manager called the other lab sites that were about to start similar test kiosks and told them to halt construction.”

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