Telstra’s Crowdsupport approach to customer service

Ross Dawson directed my attention to this Telstra Crowdsupport concept.  Telstra is joining a growing list of companies who are collaborating with or leveraging their customers to support other customers.  Please note particularly the following cases: Needle, Intuit, and GiffGaff.

One element of the Crowdsupport concept is the Videos By You Competition:

We’re launching video Crowdsupport and want you to turn your talents to solving other customer queries using videos. We want you to create a ‘how to’ video, which other Telstra customers can use, based on one of our monthly competition briefs for a chance to win our monthly prize. Each month Telstra will select the top 10 entry videos to be judged by the CrowdSupport community and the video with the highest number of votes will win.”

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