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Telstra’s Crowdsupport approach to customer service

Ross Dawson directed my attention to this Telstra Crowdsupport concept.  Telstra is joining a growing list of companies who are collaborating with or leveraging their customers to support other customers.  Please note particularly the following cases: Needle, Intuit, and GiffGaff. … Continue reading

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Are tightly interconnected communities counterproductive to the generation of innovative ideas?

I found this MSI research on Product Ideation in Social Networks very instructive.  Please note particularly: “These findings suggest that denser, tightly interconnected communities—which are very typical in online communities and social networks—are counterproductive to the generation of more-innovative ideas. … Continue reading

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Is Viral Marketing a Myth?

I found this research by by Sharad Goel, Duncan J. Watts and Daniel G. Goldstein very instructive.  Please note particularly: “Goel says they wanted to see whether these spread virally, “like the common cold, some sort of biological contagion. One … Continue reading

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