Co-creating the future of furniture manufacturing with customers

I found this Forza Formabilio Italian furniture manufacturing idea very inspiring for its customer co-creation-cubed elements.  Please note particularly:

“Most important, however, Formabilio doesn’t have only one group of customers, but three. It is a “platform” that allows furniture designers to share their ideas, consumers to comment and vote on them and manufacturers to build and sell the winning designs.

The idea is to ensure that everybody gets a good deal: consumers can buy furniture they like; manufacturers learn what markets want; and designers earn more money. Formabilio gives them 7% of the retail price, compared with an industry average on the wholesale price of 2%. “In Italy this is unheard of. But it’s also a good commission abroad,” says Mr Carbone.

Launched in early January, it has grown fast and now has nearly 60,000 registered users; about 1,000 designers have already uploaded a project and three local manufacturers have signed up. There is no limit to how many users and designers can participate, though Formabilio wants to keep the number of suppliers small: the goal is to have about 20, each carefully selected not only for their ability, price and proximity, but also for their values.”

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1 Response to Co-creating the future of furniture manufacturing with customers

  1. That is such a great idea, we really appreciate it – since we are working on implementing win-win crowdsourcing here in the US for all companies and consumers. Awesome initiative, congrats!

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