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The four most important words in the English language

The four most important words in the English language are, “What do you think?” – J.W. Marriott Jr

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Co-creating the future of furniture manufacturing with customers

I found this Forza Formabilio Italian furniture manufacturing idea very inspiring for its customer co-creation-cubed elements.  Please note particularly: “Most important, however, Formabilio doesn’t have only one group of customers, but three. It is a “platform” that allows furniture designers … Continue reading

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Does expertise in the field of the problem actually hurt a solver’s chances of solving it?

I found this study by HBS’s Karim Lakhani very insightful.  Please note particularly: “At Harvard Business School, Lakhani led a study of hundreds of scientific problems posted on InnoCentive.   These were problems that the laboratories of science-driven companies had mostly … Continue reading

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“It is not the answer that enlightens…

“It is not the answer that enlightens but the question.” – Eugene Ionesco

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Measuring influence in social networks

I found this Harvard Business Review article by Sinan Aral very instructive.  Please note particularly: “We studies the adoption of a mobile service product among 27 million users in a Yahoo instant messaging network and used statistical techniques to separate … Continue reading

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