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Co-creating the next generation of cars with customers

I found this Volvo “You Inside” program inviting customers to be the inspiration for the next generation of Volvo cars very instructive.  With this program Volvo joins a growing number of companies, many featured on this board, who are designing … Continue reading

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Will avatars be a part of the future of customer service?

I found this New York Times story on an avatar deployed as a customer service representative very intriguing.  Please note particularly: “La Guardia Airport’s newest employee, a young woman named Marie, made quite an impression during her first day on … Continue reading

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How does service scripting influence customers’ perceptions of service quality?

I found this study on the influence of service scripting on customers’ perceptions of service quality very instructive.  Please note particularly: “Using videotape scenarios in an experimental setting, this study tests the effects that scripts have on perceptions of service … Continue reading

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