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Can personalization get too personal?

I found this New York Times article on personalization very instructive.  Please note particularly: “With the help of a Web site testing and optimization company called Monetate, Mr. Siegel experimented with gender personalization on the [Urban Outfitters] site. But it … Continue reading

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Can you design new customers?

I found this interview with Michael Schrage on his new Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become? book very thought provoking.  Please note particularly: “To truly innovate today, designing new products or features or services won’t get you there. … Continue reading

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Is fansourcing the future of customer service?

I found this case study of how Needle turns product fans into customer service reps very thought provoking.  The case is similar to growing number of cases from Intuit, GiffGaff, and many others.  Please note particularly: “Nick Joy, 26, lives … Continue reading

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Are your executives isolated from your customers’ experience?

I found the recent Rita McGrath article on Five Ways to Ruin Your Innovation Process very insightful.  Please note particularly the fourth way:“Too little diversity of thought; too much isolation from customers’ experience. It never fails to amaze me. Companies … Continue reading

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