Should you pay your customers when they wait for you?

Kellogg School of Management

I found this Paying when patients wait story very thought provoking.  Please note particularly:

“The Daily had an interesting story on a handful of doctors who are paying their patients — either explicitly in cash or in the form of a gift — when they make their patients wait past their appointment times (Their Wait in Gold, Mar 19).

There’s a promising new trend afoot in doctors’ offices around the country: With average wait times growing in recent years, some physicians have begun offering goods, services and even cash to waylaid patients.

“Why is my time more important than my patients?” asked Dr. Cyrus Peikari of Dallas. “True service can only come when we put our egos aside.”

To make up for canceling some appointments last year, Peikari mailed each patient a check for $50.

Dr. Timothy Malia of Fairport, N.Y., keeps a supply of $5 bills on hand. He dispenses them to patients if they’ve been made to wait past their appointment time.”

Should you pay your customers to wait for you?   Can this concept be practically applied to customer service?

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