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The case for investing in retail employees

The evidence on the return on investment in retail employees is becoming more and more substantial.  See particularly Zeynep Ton’s work on QuickTrip and Mercadona: “By investing in employees and giving them more responsibility, QuikTrip enjoys a competitive advantage in … Continue reading

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Should you pay your customers when they wait for you?

I found this Paying when patients wait story very thought provoking.  Please note particularly: “The Daily had an interesting story on a handful of doctors who are paying their patients — either explicitly in cash or in the form of … Continue reading

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Co-Creating the Future of Credit Cards with Customers

Barclaycard just introduced the Barclaycard Ring credit card.  The concept is deeply customer focused in many ways.  See for example: “The Barclaycard Ring MasterCard card will have one, low interest rate of 8 percent for all balances, no balance transfer … Continue reading

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