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The L. L. Bean “social” call center

I found this New Your Times story on L. L. Bean’s new social media team very insightful.  But in my mind, the two more interesting stories are the stories behind the story on the “social” nature of the L. L. … Continue reading

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What actions by companies do customers consider unfair?

I found Richard Thaler’s article on Customer Outrage thought provoking, particularly in light of the recent Netflix and Bank of America customer outrage setbacks. Please note particularly: “For hints about how to avoid the consumer backlash, the bank’s executives might … Continue reading

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Co-Creating the Future of Banking with Customers

Ross Dawson directed my attention to the Commonwealth Bank IdeaBank designed to include Commonwealth’s customers in designing the future of their bank: “We know the ideas that will shape the future of Commonwealth Bank won’t come from us, they’ll come … Continue reading

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Is customer churn a social phenomenon?

I found this study by Irit Nitzan and Barak Libai on the “Social Effects on Customer Retention” very instructive.  Please note particularly: “Researchers Irit Nitzan and Barak Libai analyzed the behavior of more than a million customers of a cell … Continue reading

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How do consumers use persuasion knowledge to counter persuasion attempts?

I found this article on Consumer Use of Persuasion Knowledge very insightful.  Note particularly: “Consumers are smarter than we think.  They have intuitive theories or beliefs about how marketers try to influence them, and under certain conditions, they use these … Continue reading

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