Can you bring your store to your customers?


David Aaker nominated Tesco Homeplus Virtual Subway Store for “coolest digital program”:

“Tesco, thanks to a major acquisition in 2008, is a strong retail number two in South Korea behind E-mart. Although still trailing in physical number of stores, Tesco wanted to close the gap without opening more stores. The solution was to “bring the store to the people” with subway urban shopping. Displays were installed in subways that looked identical to the supermarket aisle. Those waiting for trains could use their smart phones to identify items to purchase, specify the quantity and determine the best time to have the purchases delivered to their home.

For customers, the effort turned wasted waiting time in a subway into productive shopping time and also saved people an often painful trip to a store. It also provided a 130% boost to Tesco’s home delivery programs, introduced people to Tesco and provided important inroads into E-mart’s market. It was a win-win concept.”


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