Can doing less satisfy customers more?

Container Sizes


This IDEO Rotman Magazine Article on is packed full of instructive Collaborative Service cases.  See for example:

“Florida-based Portable On Demand Storage (PODS) seized the opportunity in the residential moving space by bridging the market gap between the do-it-yourself rental truck model and the full-service movers route.  By understanding that most people want to do their own careful packing and then supporting them in the logistics of moving and storage, PODS created a new category in a saturated, largely undifferentiated market.

By rethinking service roles, PODS has replaced the ‘pain points’ of both full-service and self-service moves – e.g., coordinating the logistics of tight time windows on each end of a move, the pressure to rush loading and unloading, […] – with a collaborative approach that creates a logistic-free alternative to movers or a rental truck with the added benefit of flexibility, a sense of security, and a stress-free experience for customers.”

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