Can you make customer service hold for you?

According to this Newsweek Article: “Of all the depressing statistics about a lifetime of consumer existence, this may be the most distressing: each of us is destined to spend roughly 1.2 years on hold.”

Can the FastCustomer application evaluated in this NYT Story help solve this problem?

“ … Here’s how it’s [FastCustomer] supposed to work: You download the app onto your phone. When you click on it, a menu of companies appears (there’s more than 2,500 currently listed, including all of the Fortune 500, he says). When you select one, the app tells you to go about your business while it calls the company for you.

When FastCustomer’s automated phone call reaches a customer service representative, […], it tells them, “Please press 1 for your next customer.” Then, assuming the representative presses the button, the app calls you back and links you to the representative.”

Can you make customer service hold for you? Can this approach prove a win/win approach to reducing waiting on hold?

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