Brainstorming for Quality Ideas

This note consolidates several instructive perspectives on Brainstorming:

1) The Palo Alto Research Center on Brainstorming for quality ideas

“ … the problem for many companies isn’t a lack of ideas. More often, it’s a lack of high-quality ideas, and poor practices for supporting the transformation from idea to innovation — i.e., the implementation. In these cases, open-ended idea generation isn’t likely to lead to organizational wins.  These organizations need to focus on improving the quality of ideas and the mechanisms for selecting and supporting them going forward.

Brainstorms are an interesting technique to look at, because they represent a microcosm of organizational behaviors… the behaviors that support or undermine innovation. Let’s look at some concrete ways to get both quality and execution out of this standard idea-generation technique.” […]

 2) Rob Briner of Birkbeck on Effective Brainstorming

 “Brainstorming is a management fad, Rob Briner, Professor of Organisational Psychology at Birkbeck College, University of London, said. “The research says that getting people together to create ideas is not very effective, although it is popular.” People find working in groups “cognitively distracting”, particularly because they worry about others assessing their contribution, which makes creative thinking more difficult.”

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