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Intuit’s “Narrowcasting” Approach to Customer Service

  This article outlines the Intuit unique “Narrowcasting” approach to its QuickBooks Live Customer Community.  It invites its “Diehard” users to support other users.  Please note particularly: “Intuit chose this “narrowcast” approach after Chief Executive Brad Smith heard what was … Continue reading

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Advice for Retailers on Preventing Customer Rage

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Do commodities only exist in the mind of the inept?

I found this comment by MIT’s Arnoldo C. Hax on commodities very insightful: “A final comment about a very important trap that many managers fall into: the dangers of commoditization.  At the beginning of my work on the Delta Model, … Continue reading

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The Importance of ‘Crazy Ideas’

Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson on the importance of ‘Crazy Ideas’: “Jurvetson said DFJ doesn’t strive for consensus among its partners when investing in deals. Instead, the firm allows a passionate minority to outweigh a negative majority. “A couple … Continue reading

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